4 thoughts on “Over The Range Microwave 14 Inch Height

  1. What is the minimum distance from the top of a range to the bottom of a microwave or hood?
    Where in the NEC or the NFPA is this addressed?

    • Usually the installation manual will tell you. Sometimes it slightly higher for gas ranges. You can find most manuals online. But according to “Time Saver Standards For Interior Design And Space Planning” published by McGraw-Hill, the bottom of a range hood should be minimum of 60 inches above the floor, or 24 inches above the stove top (which is typically 36″ high).

      So you can add your built-in microwave/range hood height (which is probably 12 to 16 inches) to that dimension and arrive at the height of the bottom of the wall cabinet that supports the microwave.

      Another thing to consider is the height of the likely users. Will you be able to see the back burners when there is a range hood at 60″ above the floor and sticking out from the wall about 12 to 14 inches? Some tall people may want to raise the hood higher to accommodate their height.

  2. I want to replace the kitchen appliances but the cabinet heights are too low. Help!?
    We bought a new house and there is a ugly white impractical side by side fridge. My husband and I hate it. Additionally we were going to replace the stove and the range hood With an over the range microwave. The cabinet height above the fridge is too short to fit anything bigger than a 18 cubit ft fridge ( we are a family of 4 and looking for a 22 cb ft at minimum) we have the same problem with the cabinet height above the stove, a over the range microwave just won’t fit.

    So I can try to have the cabinets made smaller above the appliances or have all the cabinets raised up by a few inches. Or just leave it alone until we can afford a full kitchen Reno in 5 + years.

    • Over-the-ranger microwaves are space-saving if there really isno other place for them, but in several of my jobs, we have had success by raising the microwave up 3tofour inches on blocks so when the door is swinging open it will be high enough to clear plates or mugs left in front of the door on the countertop. The beauty of this is that you can move the oven around until you find out where it works best for you.
      You really should have a minimum of 14 and a half inches between the countertop and the wall cabinets for that to work, and it’s a user friendly height for children. Most designers recommend a minimum of 16 inches, and Minimum clearance above a range is a lot higher, say, 22 to 24 inches, and that’s not a comfortable height if you are a child or relatively small adult. If you are not familiar with installing cabinets, you won’t find properly installed cabinets easy to remove, either. Most big home improvement stores have reputable installers at fair prices. Good luck, and I hope you get a fridge that you like.