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  1. Is there such a thing as a washing machine that also dries?
    I am moving into a very super tiny apartment, and I need to find a washer/dryer solution. I know there are stacked washer/dryers, but I figured in 2009 surely a machine that does both exists, I looked around but didn’t really see anything. A link with the answer would be most helpful

    • They do have a washer that does dry clothes too. They are perfect for smaller areas, and you won’t need a dryer vent. It takes about 2 1/2 hours per load. They are energy efficient. The cost is around $1300. Which is about what I would pay for a washer and dryer separately. They work great. Check out the website. You can find them at larger appliance dealers. The only drawback is that they do smaller loads. (Probably a medium sized load). If you have a large family it may not be the best choice. Found one on the internet, too. It’s a Haier. (Good company lesser known.) Much cheaper price around $800. It says compact appliance, but still does a decent size load at 11 pounds.

  2. How do I finish a doorway that I widened without narrowing it?
    We moved into an apartment with one of those tiny stack washer/dryer combos in a closet that worked horribly. We already had a full size washer and dryer that was stackable. In trying to remove the old stacked w/d combo from the closet, I had to remove the door and remove the door trim down to the door frame (the 2 x 4s framing the doorway). This also allowed me to fit our washer and dryer in the closet.

    Now, after my landlord saw this two years later, I need to fix it but I still need to be able to remove our washer and dryer once we leave.

    1. I can’t move the 2x4s wider because one hits a shower and the other hits another doorway?
    2. Is there a way to finish the doorway without narrowing it considering all I have left is the door frame? Can I just screw on the casing and then unscrew it later?

    I’m trying to do this myself so that my landlord doesn’t bump up our rent — so please don’t comment that I should let my landlord worry about it.

    • What did that first guy say? Hinges on Hinges?
      I would trim it out with 3/4″ pine and attach with some small headed finish screws, that you can remove later.

  3. How does apt size washer/dryer hook up?
    I’m looking to buy an apt size washer/dryer but I’m not sure how the dryer vents or how the
    washing machine gets water… Please help me out!! :P
    I have no hook ups and I was planning on buying one off kijiji.ca….

    • Hi, Krystal
      For your apartment with no conventional hook-ups for washer/dryer they make several units for this situation. You can get a stack-able washer dryer, ventless and on wheels where you can roll it over to your kitchen sink and slip-fit the water hose. The dryer works with a heat pump and re-circulates the air to dry the clothes. Also, on the market is the same ventless dryer and washer all in one where you use the same loading tub. You’ll have to shop around and get exactly what you want. For now, you can go to a web-sight and get the information and dealers. “Ventless Dryers” and “Combo washer/dryers”. Good Luck!

  4. Installing a stacked washer/dryer–do I need a dryer vent?
    I want to install an apt. sized stacked washer/dryer in my bathroom. does the dryer need to be vented on that type of unit? I did not see a vent on it. I haven’t purchased it yet.
    my house is tiny, I can’t have full size appliances.

    • All dryers need to be vented, after all, the moisture in your clothing has to go somewhere. You will have to purchase materials for the vent separately from the washer/dryer unit. Hopefully your apartment already has some sort of duct or vent to which you can attach the dryer vent hose (commonly a foil expandable 4″ pipe, sometimes sheet metal ductwork). If it doesn’t, you’ll have to contact the owner/manager because piercing the outer wall of a structure to install dryer vents is a fairly involved project. Assuming the exterior vent exists, you can just go to a building materials store like Home Depot or Lowes and just buy the vent pipe. It usually attaches with a pipe clamp or screws, one end to the vent on the back of the dryer, on end to the vent going through the wall to outside.

  5. Do they make washers/dryers with a shorter depth than standard units?
    I have a very narrow laundry “room” and I need a washer & dryer (or stackable kind) that fits. The height and width of the unit doesn’t matter, but the depth needs to be less than the standard size, otherwise it will be jutting out too far into a doorway.

    • You need an apartment size stack-able washer and dryer. Daughter had the same problem. Apartments only provide enough room for apartment size stack-able units. The unit will fit flush with the wall and won’t stick out.

  6. Using a Home Washer Dryer in an Apartment?
    I have a full size stacker Kenmore Washer/Dryer unit that is about 2 years old and I was wondering if there is any way possible to use it in my apartment with standard electrical outlets (3 small prongs). The plug on the machine is of course different. Is there a way to buy something or do something to it. Adapter? Bigger fuses for extra pull on electric? Or am I just out of luck. Thank you

    • No you can’t convert. It’s 230v . Only the washer will work.It’s 115v but the dryer, has to be 230v. no exceptions. Sears has a 115v washer dryer stack unit. A switch will only allow the washer or dryer to work but not both at the same time.

  7. How can I install a washer and dryer without a hookup in my apartment?
    I know that if I purchase a stacked portable washer and electric dryer unit I could use it without a laundry hook up in my apartment. But is there anyway to make a full size electric washer & dryer work well without a laundry hook up in the apartment (any way to hook it up like a portable?) .

    • You can put a washer just about anywhere there is some drain for the machine. It doesn’t have to be one of those drain pipes specifically made for a washing machine drain. I had a house once that had the washing machine drain go into a free-standing wash sink.

      One thing, though: you have to have the drain hose discharge above the level of the wash tub. Otherwise, whenever the machine fills the tub, it will just drain out the drain hose. You also won’t have a hot water supply. So, every wash cycle will be cold wash – cold rinse.

      The dryer is another story. If it’s electric, it requires a 220-volt outlet. If it’s gas, it operates on 110 volts. But, you need to have a natural gas supply. There’s also no vent. So, you’ll fill the room with warm, moist air whenever you use the dryer. Not to mention the lint.

  8. We want to install a apartment size wash and dryer in a bedroom . What will we need to do? I know we have to?
    We have a tub downstair for the water to drain, but nothing like that in the bedroom, we don’t have a dryer vent in the bedroom. Is install a washer and dryer even possible?

    • You would need to have hot and cold water lines run to the bedroom for the washer, as well as a drain pipe and likely a vent stack. the dryer will likely require 220V service and the vent. Whether this is possible depends on the particulars how your house is laid out. Might not be too much if the room shared a wall with a bathroom for the plumbing but otherwise could easily runs into the thousands.

  9. How can we wash so many clothes?
    Our new flat has very little space and no washing machine. Hand washing can be done but that’s a real pain because we have loads of clothes and little space to dry.

    Is there such a thing as a smaller washine machine or another way we can get round our problem?
    We’re in the UK which limits the range of compact dryers available.

    • Well, there are two suggestions. 1 go to the laundry mat. They have tons of washers so you can wash a ton of loads and dry them all at once. 2 they do make apartment size washers and dryers. They are stacked on top of each other but are pricey. You say flat so to me a flat is a 2 family home? If that is the case there should be a basement (maybe). I would ask the land lord if there is a washer and dryer hook up in the basement and if it is possible for you to hook one up? I guess your own after you buy it witch would be cheaper then the apartment size. All in all you need permission to put in any kind of washer and dryer. Also if you do put them in you need to make sure what kind of hook up you have or need for the dryer.