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  1. “Zero Emission” Leaf powered by the burning of fossil fuels…imagine that?
    Those electrons coming out of the wall to charge the batteries…are there magical Leprechaun’s on treadmill’s making them?

    So we trade a higher electric bill for a lower gas bill, and yet both come at the price of burning…fossil fuels.

    PURE marketing GENIUS…don’t you think?

    • I actually think your question is even more clever. The words “Zero Emission” customarily go with the word “Vehicle.” Since you want to argue that the Leaf is not a Zero Emission Vehicle you simply changed the conventional usage.

      Some would see this as a bit of Rhetoric or magic or trying to remake the world to prove your point. Unfortunately it only points out the distinction more clearly. The “Vehicle” produces zero emissions. A power plant doesn’t have wheels. If you want to talk about our electrical system in order to include a little polluting then let’s be fair and bring in your toaster, your range, your dishwasher and maybe your dryer, lights,heat and lots of industrial machinery as well. They all use electricity.

      And what is one of the biggest users of electricity:? Oil Refineries.1 In fact more than 50% of the operating costs of an oil Refinery is the energy it uses. This makes the cost of refining oil greater than the oil itself. In fact, the energy used to refine a gallon of gasoline could drive an electric car further than the refined product could take a gasoline car. 2 Some even feel that we “Might as well leave the oil in the ground!” http://planet.betterplace.com/forum/topics/electricity-vs-oil

      When we come to the bottom line an electric car is up to 6 times more efficient than an Internal Combustion Engine car. What you would pay at the end of a year of average electrical car usage might be around $400 while you could avoid paying for over $1800 in gasoline bills not to speak of 4 oil changes, filters, tuneups and any general maintenance.3

  2. Propane vs. electricity prices?
    With all the raises in propane, gas, and electric prices, which now is the most cost effective? We burn a wood stove all winter, but our water heater is on propane. We’re thinking of switching to an on-demand electric water heater. Also, I’d like to have a gas stove instead of electric, but don’t know if it’s worth switching to propane and having to run a propane line to the stove. I live in central Illinois. (we don’t have Ameren).

    • I’m in Ontario Canada and sell propane here…

      We run cost comparison calculations all the time. Right now, for every dollar you spent heating with electricity you would spend $0.89 to heat with propane, $0.54 to heat with Natural Gas and $1.35 to heat with oil. The numbers are certainly going to be different in Illinois, but the ratios are probably pretty close…

      On-demand water heaters are not as great as everyone thinks they are. They have some drawbacks. First of all, they are a single use appliance. What I mean is this… With a conventional water heater a person can be in the shower while the clothes washer is running and someone else is running hot water to wash dishes. Not with an on-demand unit. You will be splitting the heated water between the different loads so everyone gets warm water, not hot. Also they require very good water pressure and good water volume. Basically, they are a fairly small chamber of water with a very large burner underneath it. If you do not have good water volume available, you will just be boiling the water away in the chamber and it wont function properly.

      On demand units are good when you have a very limited space available for your heater, but otherwise stay with a conventional gas water heater, you will be much happier with it, and it does not cost any more to operate.

      I would never reccomend to someone to throw away a perfectly good appliance to put in a propane one, but as they wear out, certainly put your range and especially your clothes dryer on propane. They are cheaper to operate and much more efficient.

  3. Gas dryer vs electric dryer which is better?
    i am planning to buy this whirlpool gas laundry dryer and was wondering if its more economical than electric dryer. Please adivse cos am buying it from an individual and they say they want a bigger one. I have never owned either so I dont know which is better. I live in the midwest area.

    • Depending on where you live will dictate which is more expensive to operate. The gas dryers of today use a hot surface ignitor to light the gas compared to the old pilot light days so safety in that regard is not an issue. If you don’t have a gas line hook up for the dryer, than you have an initial cost of running a gas line. Contrary to what another contributor has said, repairing a gas dryer is not any more expensive than repairing an electric dryer. They use all the same components with the exception of the gas valve versus the electric element. With a gas dryer you have to use a metal vent pipe and it must be vented to the outside (carbon monoxide) Oh, and the Whirlpool is a decent machine overall.

  4. I just rented a house and there is no electrical outlet for my dryer??? Please answer!?
    I just got into the house I am renting and realized there is only a gas connection for the dryer. Mine is electric. I guess it is my fault as I didn’t inspect the connection prior to moving in. Truth is I have never had this problem so I didn’t even know to look. I want to call my landlord and ask her if I can pay to have an electrical outlet put in but am a little worried because she is kind of picky. Is this unreasonable of me? I don’t want to cause problems. Also is this a hard project to do for an electrician? Thank you for any information.

    • You will find that installing 220 volts in the property will cost more than buying a new gas dryer.

      I’m sure the landlord would allow you to upgrade the electrically service in his house, but it would be very stupid for you to do. Besides, a gas dry cost a whole lot less to operate vs. a electric dryer.

  5. How would I calculate the comparative costs of propane vs electricity in a new dryer?
    I need a new dryer and I have both options available in the laundry room, propane or 220V.
    Which is better?

    • Electric costs a lot more than natural gas, but propane is not quite as cost effective though still likely more efficient than electric. Each appliance is required to have an energy rating tag on the appliance and you can see that right on the appliance in the store to show the annual cost to operate. Should also be able to see the energy rating and usage tag online too.

  6. Getting my first place, im married what to budget, and is this place a good idea? What are my Operating Costs?
    So there is a couple things i am wondering.

    First off i am going to talk about the 2 places i decided between. They were both within 5 minutes to each other.

    The first places rent was 915 a month and i have to pay gas, electric, water and trash. Heating is gas, stove is electric. The unit had a washer and dryer in the house and was 700 sq ft. avg electric bill is 70 and highest is 187. Avg gas bill is 35 with the highest at 55. Avg water bill runs from 18-25 dollars.

    The second place is 5 mins further from work is 800 sq ft and has no washer and dryer in unit. Both the above mentioned and this place is on the 3rd floor. However, i still have to pay all utilities here, but the gas water and trash is billed to me through my complex vs having to set it up with the village and nicor. The only thing i have to set up is with ComEd. This place’s rent runs 775 for 800 sq ft. Complex said gas water and trash run 35-75 a month.

    we are newly weds and i ended up choosing the 775 place, both are really nice places but the place for 915 had slightly better management (actually much nicer) and somewhat more prestigious.

    Lets say if i was to budget with 1800 a month, what should i budget for everything? i am married and would say that my rent is 775 a month for an 800 sq ft apt. However, i am on the third floor this should account for slightly higher utilities.

    I live in a suburb of a major city so.. that should give you an idea of $$$.

    Please help me and advise if ive made a right decision with the place ive gotten. Also FYI my wife is a new immigrant here, so its not like she can walk out and know where she is going. NO BS ANSWERS serious help.

    • Increase the budget for electric. Add in costs for renter’s insurance, laundry, clothing, transportation, food, personal care, entertainment, savings Gas, water and trash budget 150 a month. Always budget for a greater amount till you pay at least 3 bills and can average out normal costs.