Who Makes The Best Kitchen Appliances

Bread is the staple food in many households across the world. Among many home appliances that were invented, bread maker is one among them. Ancient ways of bread making has paved way for an easy and comfortable. Technology has helped many families to bake bread easily within the comforts of their own kitchen. As bread is the most important food and accompaniment, baking bread is a necessity. Many companies have adopted new technology to design and invent bread maker which is easy to operate. The first bread maker was introduced by Japan in 1986 by the company Panasonic.

The main features of bread maker include pan and paddle which can be connected to a multi-purpose baking oven. Different bread makers are designed with different features. These features will help homemakers in preparing a wide variety of breads. The different types of breads that can be baked in the bread maker include French loaf, plain pizza dough, premium white loaf and whole grain bread. Most of the models have inbuilt timers which can be used to set the preparation time of bread. Some models have specific features like delay start and other custom program options to suit individual needs.

The bread making procedure include adding the ingredients to the pan and the remaining procedure is carried out by the appliance. First the liquids should be added followed by the solids as the yeast reacts immediately when it comes in contact with water. It is essential to keep the ingredients separately till the program is started as this will help the desired consistency for bread preparation of your choice. The bread maker first makes the dough with the help of the paddle to get the desired consistency and then it allows rising with the temperature control inside the pan and the bread is baked. To make preparation easy some supermarkets sell premixed bread ingredients.

Bread making varies from 50 grams to 1-25kg. To help busy homemakers or working women their work simple, the delay start helps the user to plan and decide the whole process to their time convenience. To make baking simple the whole procedure can be set the previous night for next day breakfast and it shall be ready for serving. Bread maker can be used for baking other purposes like pasta dough, jam and rice cakes. As the bread maker is coated with Teflon this does not allow the dough to stick to the pan. With the support of internet you can choose the right bread maker to suit your taste and requirement.

who makes the best kitchen appliances

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  1. What are some good meals for a college kid to make?
    I got my own apartment with a oven and stove and most common kitchen appliances. I want to know if anyone’s got meals i could make in like 15 minutes or less on a college budget.

    • you should learn to cook. or heat up prepackaged food. or eat out. or if it doesn’t have to taste good, go with gruel! Check out ramenlicious.com. It has great recipes for ramen, which is cheap! (Warning: eating too much ramen is not healthy unless you add a lot of veggies or something!)

  2. I have recently aquired some kitchen appliances I want to sell. How do I find out how much they are worth?
    My husband and father in law are removing a bunch of kitchen appliances from a kitchen they are remodeling. I want to sell them on Craigslist, but can’t find information on how much they are worth. Any ideas??

    • Have you tried typing the make and model of each into a search engine? This is how I find most of mine. Or I go to the manufacturers website. Then I factor in the age and condition of the piece and go from there. Good luck! :)

  3. How can I bring back the original color on kitchen appliance?
    I have a white plastic base kitchen appliance that has discolored over a period of time. What can I do to make it bring back its original white color again?

    • Paint it white, that’s about it. Plastic fades over time and discolors, nothing you can do to prevent that, just gotta paint over it and try and get the paint to match the original color as much as possible.

  4. What are good brands of kitchen appliances?
    I have never really invested in any long term kitchen (small) appliances. What brands are built to last? Lifetime warrants?

    • I am planning to get myself a KitchenAid mixer with all the attachments for Christmas this year. That will take care of all the small appliances that are wearing out and replace my old trusted Sunbeam Mix Master.

      I have blender, 2 hand mixers (new every year), salad shooter, bread machine, electric slicing knife, cookie shooter, 4 different size crock pots, electric skillet, crepe maker, 2 waffle irons, malt mixer, and severall other little gadgets.

      I have used almost every brand on the market and they are all bad for longevity. None of them will last very long. Some of the appliances listed above have lived for more than 40 years and some are replaced annually – usually during holiday baking sprees. The ones that have lasted the longest – the companies are out of business for making excellent lasting products so no repeat business?

      I really don’t consider one brand better than another. Just get whatever is on the best sale.

  5. should i be worried if my work is opening a shop up in mexico?
    I work at a factory that makes industrial kitchen appliances for resturants and things. We recived a memo that they are opening a 35,000sq ft. shop in mexico with possibilities to expand, the place in mexico wont open until june of 07, and they claim they will only be making the fryers there. so should i start lookin for a new job or stay?
    also the shop we have here is roughly 200,000 sq. ft. could be more not sure, and is our main HQ. we also have distrubuting shops all around the world.

  6. How do I make provisions to a 1 year rental lease for an apartment in Boston.?
    I am about to sign a 1 year apartment rental lease in Boston. However, after doing the walk thru, there are serious upgrades needed!!!!! : including, new kitchen appliances, paint the walls, new closet doors in all the rooms etc. The management company says that they will make all the changes however, I want to have it in writing..How do I do this., Also, is there a general clause that covers all upgrades and renovations… I want to move in by sept 1.

    • Do not sign anything if they don’t repair the apartment, once you sign they will forget about it and they will make you pay for the repairs.

  7. What are the kitchen appliance essentials for a dessert restaurant?
    i’d like to know what are the main kitchen appliance essentials for a dessert-making kitchen in a restaurant? some of the desserts include chocolate molten cake, bread pudding, tiramisu, cheesecake, etc..

    and can you guys recommend some companies in USA or EUROPE that do these appliances. i’d be importing them to jakarta, indonesia. and it’d be great if anyone knows of a price range for these products.

    thank you!

    • Appliances those are durable in nature and, at the same time, energy-efficient as well are, in the long run, always a good buy.

      A few of the other ‘must have’ appliances are the speed blenders, the quiet dishwashers, and the under the counter can openers.

  8. How do you begin looking for new appliances?
    When you begin looking for new kitchen appliances (mixers, blenders, juicers, etc) where do you do your research? What makes that source reliable/trustworthy?

    • I go to consumer Reports first. They tell you about features you may like and give ratings on the best and worst. I have found their ratings accurate and their information helpful. The only problem is when companies change models too fast Consumer reports needs time to evaluate the product before they will give a rating.

  9. What are the kitchen appliance essentials for a dessert restaurant?
    i’d like to know what are the main kitchen appliance essentials for a dessert-making kitchen in a restaurant? some of the desserts include chocolate molten cake, bread pudding, tiramisu, cheesecake, etc..

    and can you guys recommend some companies in USA or EUROPE that do these appliances. i’d be importing them to jakarta, indonesia. and it’d be great if anyone knows of a price range for these products.

    thank you!

    • Well you should probably get some spoons. Maybe some forks if you’re feeling crazy.

  10. what is the easy way to make beef jerky?
    how can i easily make beef jerky that is inexpensive and made with normal kitchen appliances; no special jerky machines, etc.?

    • Beef Jerky

      5 Lbs. Minimum (One piece preferred) Fresh Brisket (Lean) – Any brand
      *You may substitute the beef brisket with your choice of meat*
      15 – 20 oz. Soy Sauce – Any brand
      15 oz. Worcestershire Sauce – Lea & Perrins – Preferred
      15 – 20 oz. Teriyaki sauce – Any brand
      2 – 4 tablespoons Dark Brown Sugar – Any brand
      2 – 4 tablespoons Garlic Powder – Any brand
      2 – 4 tablespoons Onion Powder – Any brand
      2 – 4 teaspoons Cayenne Pepper – Any brand
      5 oz. bottle Liquid Smoke – Any brand any type
      2 – 4 oz. Dark Corn Syrup or Molasses for even more flavor – Any brand
      1 – Very Sharp Knife

      All ingredients can be more or less as you desire to your own taste except soy & Worcestershire which can be more, you must have enough liquid to cover meat. Brown sugar and corn syrup or molasses can be to taste for sweetness or not used at all .Add all liquid ingredients into container (with lid is preferred or cover with a plastic wrap) Now add all other ingredients into the container, stir frequently. Trim as much fat as it). It is the fat on the meat that will go bad (rancid) not the meat. The meat is to be sliced with the grain as thin as possible (approx. 3/16) To aid in slicing meat thinly, freeze until ice crystals are formed)This allows for more slices and a quicker drying time. Place into marinade as sliced. Make sure all meat is covered with the ingredients and stir meat occasionally to ensure all areas of
      meat have been exposed to the marinade. Cover and refrigerate for 24 hours or more,occasionally shaking or stirring the meat at least 2 more times.Now when ready to dry, place aluminum foil on bottom of oven and cover bottom entirely. Try to make a pan out of the foil because of the drippings (remove when it is obvious that there are no more drippings this is usually a while after the meat has been turned over, you will notice that the drippings will have a tendency to give off a burning
      smell because it is laying on the bottom of the oven, you can replace the foil at any time to avoid this.) It is advisable to place paper towels on the oven door while open and loading the trays to catch the drippings. Place the meat across the racks filling the top rack first (highest position) and then the second rack (next highest position). Set temperature to at least 160 degrees (160 – 180 degrees). When visible dripping has stopped, all meat has to be turned over because the top of the meat will be more moist than the bottom. Also the top rack will drip onto the bottom rack and the bottom meat will be more moist than the top. The meat
      should be checked for consistency in drying and should be move around accordingly (from bottom rack to top, from edge to center etc.) The low heat is to dry the meat, not cook it. It should take approximately 4&1/2 to 6 hours more or less depending how many & how thin the meat was sliced and the set temperature. Approximately the last hour or so, the oven door should be
      propped open with a fork or spoon to dissipate the heat, to avoid cooking it is a good idea to leave the oven door propped open any time during the drying to keep a good flow of heat & air. You can tell the meat is done when it no longer bends and you could break off a piece with ease. But the meat should not be so dry as to be crisp & break. It is better to be more dry than under dried, so as to prevent mold. Let meat cool before storing. This is
      now ready to eat, you can allow this to air dry an additional day or so in an open container. This will now keep in a sealed container (zip lock bags are great) for months refrigerated although I have kept my jerky for months un-refrigerated. Remember this meat
      will continue to dry unless placed in a sealed container once totally dried. Do not worry about color changes of the beef jerky it will get lighter and harder as it continues to dry over time. It is only important to keep the jerky away from humidity for long term
      storage. The net result of all this fun will give you approx. 2.5 to 3 lbs or more of the best jerky in town. Try it you’ll love it, and you didn’t spend $30.00 a lb or more for commercial chemically processed so called meat.

  11. Which kitchen appliance brand should I choose – GE, Whirlpool or Kenmore?
    I am looking to buy an entire collection of kitchen appliances – range, microwave, fridge and dishwasher. I am considering three brands – GE, Whirpool and Kenmore. Which one should I go with?

    • GE and Whirlpool make Kenmore products. I personally have good experiences with Whirlpool, but they say it’s true that Maytag is truly the best.

  12. What’s a good meal to make when you live alone?
    Sick of buying tv dinners and Michelina’s. Kinda lazy when preparing food but I’m tired of making a meal of rice, pasta, and vegetables. Not much preparations. There are the basic kitchen appliances available to use. Also, try to keep the groceries needed to a minimum.

    • If you spend a week preparing larger meals, you can freeze the leftovers and literally not have to cook for a month.

      Good things to freeze are lasagnas and casseroles.

      You can make them with whatever ingredients appeal to you. E.g. make a lasagna with chicken, veggies and cheese, eat one portion and separate three more portions into 3 tupperware containers.

      Next day make a casserole with ground beef, corn, broccoli, stove-top (or whatever you choose), eat one portion and freeze the rest in separate containers.

      After a week or so, you’ll have plenty of meals already made for the rest of the month. All you have to do is microwave them.

      Also: stir fry and fajita wraps are pretty simple. You can buy pre-sliced meats and pre-cut red and green peppers, or frozen veggies and just throw everything into one pan witha bit of soy sauce. Eat as a stir fry, or roll it up in a piece of flat bread. Very fast and not much clean up either :*) They don’t freeze well though…

      Edit: One more idea for you. When you have left-over spaghetti sauce, you can throw it into a pot the next day and add a can of tomato soup (campbells) and add enough water to make it a soupy consistency. We make this at home and call it “Hamburger soup.” It’s actually quite hearty and delicious! A good way to get rid of leftovers.

  13. What is your favorite kitchen appliance, and why?
    If you were to start from scratch which kitchen appliance would you look forward to getting and using? What makes this appliance so special to you?

    • I love my oscar, this is a small food processor and it makes it so easy to slice and chop eggs and celery and carrots and coleslaw and i have had one every since i got married and use it every day… I am not sure if they make this anymore cause my parents got it for me at service merchandise but it is my go too appliance all the time

  14. these scientists used a common kitchen appliance to help show that phage dna carries instructions to make new?
    these scientists used a common kitchen appliance to help show that phage dna carries instructions to make new phage particles. thinking of making milkshake?

  15. What manufacturer makes stainless steel appliances?
    I am looking to replace my dishwasher and buy a new gas range. In a perfect world, I would like a gas range that is stainless steel on the top AND on the interior. I would also like to have the same manufacturer for all of my kitchen appliances.

    I was at Home Depot today and saw a GE “Cafe” gas range that was very nice, but the interior was porcelain.

    Who makes really quality appliances, that are still affordable?

  16. What are the top-of-the-line brand name kitchen appliance brands?
    I’m looking for the best of the best in kitchen appliances, including oven/stoves, microwaves, refrigerators, and dishwashers.

    Specifically, I’m looking for both appliances that are both reliable and top-of-the line. Money isn’t exactly an issue at this point; so anything goes. I’ve heard Wolf for ovens and Subzero for refrigerators but I don’t know much about these or other options.

    If anyone has any personal experience or knowledge about kitchen appliances, I would appreciate it!

    • Wolf is best known for restaurant style stoves, often 5 or 6 feet wide, double ovens, 5 or more burners (including 20KBTU monsters that will boil water fast). They became popular in million dollar homes 10 or so years ago, and are still going strong — used to be all stainless, now they’re available in Forest Green, Chinese Red, Royal Blue, etc. Cost many thousands of dollars, and the kitchen must be designed around them. Subzero refrigerators are big, big, big, and expensive. Their claim to fame is that they can be fitted with cabinet fronts — that “built in custom” look. I’ve known them to be installed with the compressor parts far from the living space, to be really quiet. I install KitchenAid appliances in custom homes in the $400-500K range, and like them a lot. They’re the top end from the Whirlpool Corp, which is far and away the most successful appliance maker in USA. They bought maytag a few years ago for $1.98 Billion in cash. Electrolux (remember them?) is still around, still making excellent dishwashers. Bosch is very good, and the Asians are coming on strong — Samsung, etc. Are you the lady with the 2 staircases?